You are promised fully downloadable homemade videos and photos from real Student Sex Parties. Boozed guys and girls break into couples and have dirty fuck with deep penetrations and cumshots and then bang in groups.

When I was asked to write a review on Student Sex Parties I got very excited: I used to go to college and I remember those hot times! Ok, but let’s see if my expectations about this reality site, as they claim it, are met. The main page doesn’t really impress by its design cause it’s simply black though it has a huge banner showing moments from the movies which I suppose to find in the members’ area.

Denim type background gives you a feeling of college atmosphere. Nice, indeed. I find 26 pages with videos, each goes with a lengthy description so having read them I have an idea of what I can see: parties and picnics with lusty students drinking beer and having wild fuck in threesome and groups, and also couples. The videos break down into several (from 4 to 8) episodes. I can tell you that at some other sites such episodes could be called full-length movies. It’s both good and bad: good because you have much more interesting content to watch, and bad because it takes time before you can actually enjoy it. So if you plan a student party for the evening, make sure you download the video (available in AVI and QuickTime) beforehand. Another fact to be noted is that it’s probably an Eastern European site and people in the movies don’t speak English, but English sub-titles are provided. If you look for pictures you should know that only about a half of them have a ZIP file with photos attached.

Enough of technical issues, time to check the movies. Honestly, I’d like to watch most of them but I have to stop on one. I skipped those episodes where the guys chat and make jokes, today I’m not really interested in their personalities and focused on the hard action. It was really fantastic. The group of six (three girls and three guys) split into couples and threesomes with one guy working as a camera guy. It looks like it’s real amateur video with camera spinning here or there letting you view all the steamiest moment: girl sucking two dicks together or taking fat cock up her tight ass, and that’s the least you can expect of a drunk coed. All of the girls get sprayed on their pretty naturally excited faces in the end.

When you ask me if I liked this site and if I can recommend it I’ll say “definitely yes”. The controversial question of content amount can be answered so: yes, there are not so many videos in the members’ area but all of them are exclusive and besides regular updates are promised. Let’s hope for the better :) But student threesome and group and couple sex with deep pussy and ass thrusts and blowjobs followed by facials is something not to be missed.
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